Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Relationship Between Governments & The Global Firm

Recommended readings regarding the relationship with a Multinational Corporation (MNC or MNE) and the Prospected Host or Host Country.

These readings can be found for free download from here.


A Coopetition Perspective of MNC–Host Government Relations by Yadong Luo

Beyond The Theory of Imperialism by William I Robinson

Corporate Political Strategy by Charles H Cho, Dennis M Patten & Robin W Roberts

Explaining The Political Behaviour of Business by Sandra L Suarez

Firm Level Political Behaviour in The Global Marketplace by Bruce D Keillor, Gregory W Boller & O C Ferrell

Globalisation & The Regulation of FDI by Ajit Singh

Globalisation, Multinational Enterprise & The International Political System by Stephen J. Kobrin

How Do MNCs Vote In Developing Country Elections by Paul M Vaaler

How Multinational Corporations Deals With Their Socio-Political Stakeholders by Dirk Holtbrugge & Nicola Berg

Imperialism & Resistance by Todd Gordon & Jeffery R Webber

International Actors & Multinational Water Company Strategies In Europe 1990 - 2003 by David Hall & Emanuele Lobina

MNEs & Development by Jennifer Oetzel & Jonathan P Doh

Multinational Oil Companies and The Spartly Dispute by Sanqiang Jian

Multinationals Political Activities on Climate Change by Ans Kolk & Jonatan Pinkse

NGOs & International Business Research by Richard Lambell, Gary Ramia, Chris Nyland & Marco Michelotti

NGOs, Business & International Investment by Andrew Walter

One of These Things Is Not Like The Others, What Contributes To Dissimilarity Among MNE Subsidaries Political Strategy by William P Wan & Amy J Hillman

Raising Rivals Costs Through Political Strategy by Aragail McWilliams, David D Van Fleet & Kenneth D Cory

Sanctions At Bay, Hengemonic Decline, Multination Corporations, and US Economic Sanctions Since The Pipeline Case by Kenneth A. Rodman

Testing The Bargaining Hypothesis In The Manufacturing Sector In Developing Countries by Stephen J. Kobrin

The Collective Aspect of Corporate Political Strategies by Dominique Jacomet

The Effectiveness of Strategic Political Management by Christine Oliver & Ingo Holzinger

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on International Conflict by Solomon Polachek, Carlos Seiglie and Jun Xiang

The Rediscovery of Imperialism by John Bellamy Foster

Tobacco Industry Attempts to Counter the World Bank Report Curbing The Epidemic and Obstruct The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control by Hadii M mudu, Ross Hammond & Stanton Glantz



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